My wonderful cats ^ ‿‿ ^

Hello everyone!!!

I really wanted to share with you three members of my family. Everyone loves them and I seriously could not imagine my life without them.

My cats

PUFY (8 years old male) – I bough him from a man at the local market because I did not think he would take care of him. He was only a 3 months old ball of fur and it was love at first sight. He spends a lot of time with my other cat (Tulip) and he is very gentle and loving.


cat cat

cat 402510_319862351389681_1821354129_n

PATY (7 years old female)She has a sad story, I found her when she was only a couple of days I think someone just abandoned her and of course I could not just leave her there so I adopted her. She does not really like the company of my other two cats and she usually is alone somewhere in the house waiting for me or my parents to give her some love and affection.


TULIP (3 years old female) –  I have also adopted her when she was around 1 year old. She and Pufy spend a lot of time together and she is really loving and always wants to be around me. The kitten in the first picture is hers because she was already pregnant when I took her…I have given him for adoption and he is also very loved.


Cat IMG_3412I love them very much and I wish I could adopt more! Do you like my cats?


11 thoughts on “My wonderful cats ^ ‿‿ ^

  1. Your cats are adorable! Too bad you can’t see in the picture just how big Pufy is, he’s HUGE and fluffy! 😀 and Tulip is amazingly beautiful. But Paty is a very special kitty too, I remember you telling us about how she took care of Tulip’s babies. One of them being my baby now, so thank you Tulip! 😀

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    • I love dogs as well, all animals actually but I decided not to have a dog because I am not living in a house with a garden and I think dogs should have space to run and conusme all that energy! Thak you very much! ^_^


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