UPDATE: Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

Hello everyone! ★★★

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment

You can find here the initial post about the Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampo and my thoughts about them and also the pictures for the first week of using the products. As I promised here are the results after a whole month of using them:

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

For the third week I didn`t post any photos because there was not much of a change.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

Final thoughts: After using these products for the whole month I could really see a differece not only in the way my hair is looking but also I have noticed that my hair does not fall so much as before. Eventhough I believe it`s on the expensive side I consider it is worth the money and I am thinking to buy another month of treatment. For me the Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment really worked but I don`t know if everyone reacts the same to it.

Have a wonderful week!

Kisses, Carina

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

    • Yes, not only on the sides of my forehead but also at the base of my neck I have new little strands of hair. I think that for faster results you should try the treatment at least for one month and then just use the shampoo. The treatment also did a really good job at strenghtening my roots so my hair doesn`t fall as much. I am really happy with the results and I will continue using the shampoo. If you have any other questions please ask! ~xo, Carina ❤


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