REVIEW: Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

Hello everyone! ★★★

As I mentioned in my previous post lately I had problems with my hair because it has started falling a lot. I looked everywhere for a product to help my hair get ist strength back and i found the Vichy Dercos Neogenic treatment. (1st Hair renewal treatment: with Stemoxydine 5% -patented molecule)

Vichy Dercos Neogenic

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment:

what they say: Between 2 cycles, the hair bulb falls into a dormant phase during wich the bulb is on hold and remains empty. To change phase , the hair bulb needs a wake up signal: it is by working on this phase that L’Oreal Research has discovered the role of stem cells in the awakening of dormant bulbs and renewal the hair. Dercos Neogenic with Stemoxydine, 1st molecule biomimetic molecule to promote the effective functioning of stem cells.

Awakens dormant bulbs.
The treatment promises 1700 new hair on 90 days for the optimal result which means three months x 28 monodoses daily. After reading some opinions I decided to buy the treatment for one month because, at least for me it is on the expensive side (the price varies from 100$-150$ depending where you buy it for 28 monodoses).

Before talking about it I want to show you the progress so far:

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Before and After

The left side is the Before and the right one is After

Vichy Dercos Neogenic

My opinion: One monodose has 6 ml. and the consistency of water with a very plesant smell. It does not leave the hair gressy at all and you can apply it on wet or dry hair, every day. After appying the monodose I feel like my scalp gets warm and I guess it`s the product working its magic. The applicator is very easy to use: you must insert the monodose in it without removig its plastic cap and move the applicator across the scalp in a zig-zag manner. By doing so it  gives your scalp a blood circulation-promoting rub – thanks to the specially designed tip of the applicator.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic

The aplicator

Vichy Dercos Neogenic

A monodose x 6ml

Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo:

Vichy Dercos Redensifying ShampooBecause I have decided to use the treatment only for one month I thought it would be better to use the shampoo from the same line. They say it is suited for sparce hair with established hair loss

What they say : A crystalline formula with ultra-light texture and enriched with styling agents from hair styling products, to coat hair even the thinnest. Without weighing down hair. Its light and easy to rinse foam makes hair soft, shiny and easier to style.

My opinion: It has the same plesant smell as the treatment and it does leave my hair soft and shiny but it gives me volume at the same time. I will defenitely repurchase it even after I will finish the treatment.

I am very happy with the results so far and I am going to update the post for the next 3 weeks . I really see a difference not only with my hair renewal but also in the way my hair looks in the sense that it is thicker and looks healthier.

I really hope you found the review helpful and I`m looking forward to your opinions and suggestions!


9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Vichy Dercos Neogenic Treatment&Shampoo

  1. This sounds like a great product for growing out your hair as well as making it thicker ! I can’t wait to see the results after you’ve finished the whole treatment. Keep us posted! And your pictures are lovely! ^_^

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